E3 2014

June 20, 2014 in World

And so the E3 has came and gone, and brought us TONS of big announces for everyone.

I actually had written a pre-E3 sketch here, but I ultimately missed the date and the post didn’t make sense anymore.

But anyway, the E3 is THE event for game lovers. The 2014 edition took place between June 10th-12th, one week ago.

Lots of pre-E3 rumours have risen a few weeks before the event, some part true, some part fake. That’s expected, of course.

But what matters is that everyone got very excited about the big announces, lots of AAA games for our favorite consoles.

What about the indie games? Well, we at Hilgames did not attend E3, as you could imagine, but as far as our tiny research reached, the indie force was at E3.

There was a stand of IndieCade (an international festival that selects and curates indie games), Microsoft, an AAA company, showed the games published via the ID@Xbox self-publishing program, and Sony, its rival, announced other indie games that are coming to PlayStation Store.

(where’s Nintendo on the indie scenario?)

Some indie games have such a great quality that they don’t even seem indie, like No Man’s Sky. Watch the trailer:


The game is, in the developers words: “A science-fiction game set in an infinite procedurally generated universe”. This means: a new game every time you play! Hello Games, the developers, describe themselves as “a tiny indie studio in Guildford, UK”. Well, hats off for the indies in this E3!

Maybe someday Hilgames will be at E3 too… let’s hope! :)

While we’re not, I just want to say that we are currently working in a new HTML5 game. So keep alert, we intend to release it soon.

See you again soon!