Wealthmighty Dream and TAGJam #13 Results!

August 24, 2014 in Releases, World

Hello, everyone!

TAGJam #13 has passed, and we didn’t even post anything about it :(

We’ve been super busy lately, but it doesn’t matter, we’re (finally!) here to talk about the Jam.

Being host of TAGJam #13 was immensely pleasant, and create a game with themes so… let’s say… out-of-the-box, was very enjoyable. The result was Wealthmighty Dream, a game indicated only for people who are thirteen or more (one of the optional rules was to make 13+ games), which theme is the immigration and the second rate treatment dispensed to immigrants in lots of places in the world.

You can play Wealthmighty Dream clicking here, or here to play on GameJolt, or click in the image right below. Very soon the game will be on Scirra Arcade and maybe on Kongregate too…

Wealthmighty Dream

Aside from Wealthmighty Dream, which was not eligible to be the best game, we had other sixteen games created for the jam, making the edition #13 one of the biggest successes of TAGJam.

The games can be checked on the official site of TAGJam #13. Additionally, Jupiter Hadley published a video on YouTube, playing some games of TAGJam #13. The video can be watched right below.


Well, these are the news for today. Soon our site will be redesigned, so stay tuned on the blog, and also on the official Hilgames Facebook and Twitter.

See you soon!